Laura Case: Vote no on 3A, 3B |

Laura Case: Vote no on 3A, 3B

I vote no on 3A and 3B. Originally, I was for it and have since changed my mind after learning the following facts.

The large classes coming through the system, I think first and seventh grade, would not impact the high school, as there is still capacity for 175 more students. I was under the impression that this large group of kids was pushing through the school system and there wasn’t enough room all the way through 12th grade. There is plenty of room at the high school.

The ads and radio spots stating Citizens for a Better Plan is anti-education are not true. We are simply for a better plan. We are pro-education but not to the point that you will drive the homeowners and businesses out of Steamboat due to higher taxes. Once that happens, there will be tons more room in the school system.

The ads also state the students desperately need athletic resources. Yes, I agree, as I had a ninth grader waiting for lacrosse practice sometimes until 9 p.m. Why didn’t the school board approve the proposal by Mark Lynch and Kevin Sankey for a fieldhouse two years ago? It looked as if that was a win–win situation for everyone, but it was not passed. Big loss for the students, but they will survive.

What about the location of the existing pot shops to the proposed new schools? Are they within the distance allowed, or will they have to move? Has anyone thought of the implications of these businesses?

Initially, I thought, the huge bond issue will address everything for years to come. I was annoyed because I thought we recently paid for a brand-new Soda Creek Elementary School, and it was maxed out before the construction was complete. Nickel and dime us forever, again and again. Let’s get it correct and do it right.

Well, that is what needs to happen. Let’s do it right. A larger plan is not always better; a comprehensive, uncorrupted plan is better. I am sorry, but we live in a nice area; it’s not as if our kids are dodging bullets and have absolutely no access to technology. As a single mom, my family has not been in the upper echelon of income, however my kids have gotten a good education. Sorry, but if these kids have to go to school in a modular, somehow it was acceptable while Soda Creek was being built but not while we work out the next step in keeping the school system at an acceptable level?

As compared to the rest of the world, we live fairly decent lives right here in Steamboat. Not that we should ever sit back, but again, it is not like the kids are being tortured, going without heat or meals. They can toughen up a bit. I am sure future therapy doesn’t need to be a line item in the budget for classes 2020 and beyond. Please vote no, and let’s do it right without taxing Steamboatians and businesses out of Steamboat.

One last thought: The courthouse and the community center ballot issues didn’t pass the first time either. When making such monumental investments in the community, let’s do it right after careful consideration with the community and not businesses that will benefit from a contract of said bond issue.

Being wise and financially prudent doesn’t mean you are anti-education; it simply means you must have had a quality education at some point and would like the same for ‘the children.’ Let’s just do it right.

Laura Case

Steamboat Springs

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