Laura Case: Shame on dog owner |

Laura Case: Shame on dog owner

While enjoying breakfast with my son at The Shack, we noticed a beautiful, yellow lab locked in a black Honda Pilot. The owner was so very generous in leaving the poor dog an entire 1 1/2 inches of the windows down, shades in the front windshield, parked in the sun with a black car.

After 30 minutes, I called animal control. After another 17 minutes, I called them again, as the dog had now been in the locked, hot car for 47 minutes. It was probably another 10 minutes before the animal control officer appeared.

Meanwhile, there were probably 10 people angry with the dog owner and many attempts to rescue the dog short of breaking through a window.

The waitresses at Johnny B Goods and The Shack were concerned amidst their busy jobs, providing water for the dog. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get it in through the miniscule crack in the window.

After the animal control officer showed up, she said we had to wait for the police. Why do we have animal control officers if they cannot do anything without a cop? I get the fact the dog could bite you, however, this dog had now been in the car for approximately one hour at 70 degrees and climbing.

About the time the cop shows up, the dog owner showed up. He casually took his dog out of the car and walked around the corner with the animal control officer. The dog finally got some water after another 10 minutes once the dog owner was conversing with the animal control officer.

This dog was in the car for almost 1 hour and 20 minutes with it over 115 degrees inside the car. According to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, this animal endured temperatures that reached 99 degrees after the dog was inside the car for only 20 minutes when it’s 70 degrees outside, while the dog owner was cruising across town.

Shame on you. Rather than a meaningless ticket, I suggest the animal control officers and/or police should have a spare winter coat in their vehicles. When they encounter this situation with a child or dog, the person responsible needs to put the coat on and occupy their car under the same conditions for the same amount of time that their abused dog or child had to endure.

Good luck. Bet you never do that again. In Steamboat, let’s change the consequences for such horrible behavior.  

Laura Case

Steamboat Springs

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