Laura Case: Oppressed women of Steamboat |

Laura Case: Oppressed women of Steamboat

As many women, a few men and even young children decide to march for women in America and the overwhelming oppression they experience, I have to join the many who see no credibility in this show.

Originally, I wanted to attend with six or seven other women.  My hope was that we would wear burkas and wear signs that state “Why aren’t you marching for Muslin women?”

You know the ones that are being killed presently, in Iran, for the mere bold action of discarding the oppressive burka. Oh my, they wanted to be free and to feel the sunshine on their face. True oppression. They are risking their very lives by such actions. To date, 20 have been killed for taking a stand and hundreds more have been beaten into submission and arrested.

What have you done to support these women? Maybe a little hashtag campaign or changed your FB profile to recognize their efforts? Even those useless actions were probably not done.

Another oppressed group is the unborn child. Yes, I am going there. No one is speaking for those future women. Per the CDC as of 2015, 58 million babies have been killed, statistically 49 percent were most likely female.

How many of those potential women could have been a qualified future president? How many could have made real change in the world? How many could have been the most amazing mothers to others that might have changed the world? Something to ponder.

I attended the women’s march last year with a young man. He had a pro-life sign with him, and I had a Trump sign. Disclaimer: our jerk beat the other sides jerk. Big whoop.

Trump is everyone’s president. Our side didn’t create videos that state that people will be a servant to the president, like Demi Moore did regarding Obama. 2016 candidates were a reflection of society — get over it.

While he is not my favorite guy, I am impressed by the common sense goals he is accomplishing. Yes, his personality is abrasive, but then again so was the cigar action in the Oval Office under Bill Clinton.

When we attended the march last year, most people were polite. Two people even told us that they didn’t agree with us but admired our courage to march with a differing opinion.

Then we get to the vile, nasty, violence-threatening people. While standing on the snow pile in front of the courthouse, our signs so offended them they felt compelled to physically push us farther and farther off the center of the pile. One woman even said to me, “I just want to push you off the pile and I hope you get hurt.”

The letter published in Steamboat Today on Jan. 15 from three women states, “If you believe in respect for all people regardless of color, gender or country of origin, come out and march.” Well, I do and I did last year, only to be treated poorly due to my difference of opinion. Peace, love and inclusiveness only applies if you believe in the far left playbook – otherwise – go pound sand and hope we don’t hurt you.

Due to that experience and other conservative women not willing to give up a day with family, work or volunteering to join the pussy hat-wearing, Gucci-owning, “being virtually oppressed in their own minds,” in the greatest country in the world that offers equal opportunities, not equal outcomes, I’ll pass.


Laura Case

American woman not an oppressed woman

Steamboat Springs

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