Landscapes capture creative vision of new gallery owner |

Landscapes capture creative vision of new gallery owner

Photographer Tim Zandee opened the Zandee Gallery in December 2020. (Photo by John F. Russell)

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — Photographer Tim Zandee is hoping his new gallery in the Torian Plum Plaza will make those who walk through his doors feel like they have visited some of most beautiful locations on Earth.

“It’s landscapes from all over,’” said Zandee, who lives in Westminster and owns another gallery in Evergreen. “I mean, it’s Colorado, the Southwest, Hawaii, the Virgin Islands, Mexico, Utah, Montana and Arizona. They are from all over the place.

The walls of the recently renovated, 2,400 square-foot Zandee Gallery are covered with large format images ranging in price from $250 to $17,000. The gallery is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week.

“I probably have about 60 images right now,” Zandee said. “Most of them are 50 to 60 inches and then I’ve got some that are big 10-foot triptychs or five-piece series.”

While Zandee’s images are breathtaking, he is the first to admit photography was not his first love.

“When I was a kid, I was actually a pencil artist and a pastel painter. So I started out doing paintings and pastels, pencils, but whenever I went to an art show, I would always skip through all that and go check out the photography,” Zandee said. “Later in life, I realized that I did not love photography, and I still really don’t. It sounds crazy, but I’m not one of those gear hounds who wants to get all the latest gear. … I like to capture nature, in its pure form, but I don’t really have a camera with me all the time.”

In fact, the large format camera Zandee uses (think Ansel Adams) is not as easy as pulling the phone our of your pocket or the DSLR out of a camera bag. Most large format cameras use film that is at least 4 by 5 inches, and the camera itself is large, bulky and heavy.

“I was just attracted to nature, and that’s what it’s all about for me. It’s capturing God’s creation and going out and spending time in nature, seeing the light change,” Zandee said. “I love impressionistic paintings even more than the traditional paintings, because if I want a traditional representation of nature, I want the pure thing, which is a photograph. It’s more about capturing nature than the art of photography.”

The beauty of large format photography is on display on the walls of Zandee’s gallery. The stunning photographs have clarity, color and a vibrancy that makes the images difficult to look away from.

Zandee admits that opening the gallery in the middle of the pandemic has been a difficult choice. In the future, he hopes to host parties in the spacious gallery.

“I want it to be a place for the community, whether it’s Realtors who want to bring their clients in to meet with them, have a glass of wine or a place where the food and wine festival could host dinners,” Zandee said. “It can be a place for people to have meetings who might normally not have space for something like that.”

In addition to Zandee’s works, the gallery also features guest artists including painters like Douglas Wodark and sculptors like Jesse Horton, who has a gallery in Beaver Creek, and Steamboat’s own Leo Atkinson.

Zandee also sells art by appointment and will bring work to a home or office so that potential buyers can see the art where they hope to install the work.

“I probably have six images that are my favorite, but it would be like choosing a favorite daughter,” Zandee said. “I love the versatility of going from the ocean to an aspen grove to the desert to a tropical location. I love going from place to place like that because they are all a part of who I am.”

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