Lacy, Latterman have out-fundraised other candidates in local races |

Lacy, Latterman have out-fundraised other candidates in local races

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — The most recent campaign finance filings show Jason Lacy has raised more than competitor George Krawzoff in the Steamboat Springs City Council race, while Kelly Latterman is out-fundraising other Steamboat Springs School District candidates.

Steamboat Springs City Council race

There is only one contested race in this year’s Steamboat Springs City Council election: the race for the two-year, at-large seat.

Lacy’s campaign committee, Jason for Council, has raised a total aggregate of $4,401 this year from 14 donors, according to the Steamboat Springs City Clerk’s office. Those donors include fellow City Council members Kathi Meyer and Robin Crossan.

Lacy’s campaign has spent $2,474.79 on photos, radio and social media ads, flyers, credit card fees and thank you cards. Lacy has spent $1,476 on ads in Steamboat Pilot & Today.

Krawzoff has raised an aggregate of $1,254.30 from three donors. His campaign has spent $911.08 on flyers, gas for a campaign vehicle, office supplies, websites, yard signs and a community speech at the annual Fairview Fiesta.

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Steamboat Springs School District Board race

In the race for the four-year, at-large term, Latterman leads with $1,850 in contributions from nine donors, according to the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office. That includes contributions from Latterman and a $250 donation from the Public Education Committee, an organization of the Colorado Education Association. Latterman has spent $658.28 on flyers, yard signs and coffee for a meet the candidates event.

Lara Craig has raised $750 from three donors, including herself. She’s spent $658.58 on coffee, flyers and yard signs.

Tony Rosso hasn’t fundraised but has spent $1,180.37 of his own money on yard signs.

Joey Andrew hasn’t raised any money during this election cycle but, according to the Secretary of State, has $91.68 on hand from his previous campaign.

Kim Brack has not raised or spent any money.

In the two-year, at-large race, Chresta Brinkman has not fundraised but has spent $37.39 of her own money on business cards.

Andrew Heppelman hasn’t raised or spent any money.

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Campaign contributions of $100 or more

Jason Lacy
• Jason Lacy, $1,000
• Lindsay Angerholzer, $1,000
• Jon Wade, $500
• Scott Marr, $500
• Sara Craig-Sheckman, $500
• Todd Pederson, $250
• Kathi Meyer, $250
• Paula Cooper Black, $100
• Robin and Barry Crossan, $100

George Krawzoff
• Tommy Anderson, $1,097.50
• Scarlet Douglas, $126.80

Kelly Latterman
• Jennifer Gibson, $400
• Dana Patten, $300
• Public Education Committee of the Colorado Education Association, $250
• Pamela Vanatta, $250
• Helen Beall, $100
• James Moylan, $100
• Carrie Leemhuis, $100
• Sarah Burg, $100
• Kelly Latterman, $100

Lara Craig
• Lara Craig, $500
• Sarah Burg, $200

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