Kristopher Hammond: Full-day K is no brainer |

Kristopher Hammond: Full-day K is no brainer

You think education is expensive? Try ignorance.

Critics of 3C say taxpayers shouldn't pay for all-day kindergarten because it's just state-sponsored daycare. The only difference is that kindergarten is much cheaper than daycare and a licensed professional is teaching our kids.

Teaching our kids important life skills: waiting your turn, respecting others and learning the foundations of literacy and numeracy. If the trajectory of a child's life can be improved by just one or two degrees at age 5, imagine the difference that angle will make in 20 years.

If our children do not learn these bedrock life and learning skills, chances are high that they will end up in state-sponsored daycare for adults: jail. Which do you think is the better investment?

Full-day K for all kids is a no-brainer. Please vote “yes” on Referendum 3C.

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Kristopher L. Hammond

Steamboat Springs