Khakis kill competition |

Khakis kill competition

College students take Mud Season dodgeball title

Dave Shively

The absence of female participants set the tone early Saturday during at Colorado Mountain College’s first Mud Season Dodgeball Tournament.

The testosterone began flowing as soon as the preliminary practice round began, a free-for-all that ended with CMC freshman Evan Tischhauser being leveled by a direct shot to the groin.

The intense play continued in the Bristol Hall gymnasium throughout the round-robin tournament, with teams of student and community participants hurling red eight-ounce Tachikara gym balls hard enough for a stray toss to break a Gatorade bottle, spraying onlookers with blue liquid.

“It’s always fun, but the games always seem to end the same way — there’s too much smack talk and these guys get too worked up,” tournament organizer and CMC Student Activities Coordinator Tommy Larson said.

Sporting khaki shorts and CMC dodgeball league T-shirts, it was clear from the beginning that the students on the tight-knit Khaki Killas squad knew how to work themselves into a trash-talkin’, ball-huckin’ frenzy. The team beat every opponent it faced and easily advanced to the championship match.

The most exciting match of the afternoon was Squishmaster McFlex and the Beavers’ playoff victory against the scrappy PBRs squad.

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Relying too heavily on a ball possession and barrage strategy, the PBRs could not stop the comeback the Beavers led after catching a series of balls.

Despite their momentum going into the championship match, the Beavers failed to match the tenacity of the Khaki Killas. The Killas’ team leader, Brandon Courson, slid head-first into the opening scrum, ripping the ball from his opponent’s arms. Helped with some clutch play from Will Jordan, the Killas held strong and picked apart the Beavers, winning the cool $50 all-around champion prize.

“It was cooperative team effort, and that’s what it’s all about,” Courson said.