Kevin Copeland: Victory for those who felt powerless |

Kevin Copeland: Victory for those who felt powerless

To paraphrase Washington Post columnist Margaret Sullivan, “The biased media missed the story, in that a huge number of American voters wanted something different. These voters shouted and screamed it, but most journalists and politicians chose not to listen. They didn’t get it.”

Reality hit them like a ton of bricks on election night.

We are voters who are disgusted and fed up, over the last eight years of the self-serving aggressive pursuit of resource base industries under the guise of unrealistic climate mitigation, the out of control EPA, MSHA and environmental extremists.

We’re upset with the liberal agenda of free trade, crony capitalism, insufferable political correctness and the Paris climate accord. We’re disillusioned by the war on coal, the presidential executive orders pertaining to energy regulations, climate change, health care, immigration, national security, oil pipelines and gun sales.

We’re unhappy with the Iranian nuclear deal, journalistic bigotry, stagnate wages and lost jobs, alienation of allies and countries, the relentless assault on the Second Amendment and the war on our police.

We’re offended by the liberal intellectual elites, the liberal Hollywood crowd and arrogant athletes who look down on, flag waving old-fashioned patriotism, believing in God and country and loving our traditional way of life. Nor are we backwoods racist and bigots.

We’re embarrassed and frustrated to have a supercilious condescending president who refuses to acknowledge those who aren’t in lock step with his agenda. A president that apologizes to aggrieved nation to indulge his personal take on history. A president who refuses to call a spade a spade in the war on terrorism to avoid offending a religion. A president who smugly believes he’s smarter than everyone else.

No, this was not a win for Republicans or conservatives, but a victory for every individual who works hard every day to contribute to this great nation — people who have felt powerless to affect the previous political climate. Those individuals who refuse to rely on the present government’s promises of wealth distribution, social medicine and free higher education in return for their loyalty at election time.

It is hopeful that this will be an opportunity to lift the fortunes of all in America who want to work for a better life.

Rest assured, that despite the contrary, anyone willing to productively and legally contribute to this great nation will not be persecuted or deported based their skin color, religious affiliations, sexual orientation or other rhetoric we heard from both sides in this, nasty spiteful election.

On the other hand, individuals or nationals bearing ill will toward America, should be aggressively vetted and prohibited from our society and our soil.

I went to bed with foreboding feelings on Election Night thinking we probably had to endure four more years of these policies, I did not however, have a compulsive mind set to go out the next day and burn tires, vandalize, destroy property, and generally wreak havoc, if my choice for president was not whom I had voted for. I’m mortified that the world is witnessing these childish destructive tantrums by American’s who did not get their way.

Though misconstrued, Hillary had one thing right, there are deplorable people out there, but they seem to actually be on her side of the fence.

She and the president could do some good before leaving office and implore their admirers to graciously concede and to peacefully allow a change in administrations. This is America, an awesome confederate, with good laws and good people. We’re not perfect but you are afforded the freedom to leave if you don’t like it.

Kevin Copeland


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