Kevin Copeland: Progressives dismantling Democratic platforms |

Kevin Copeland: Progressives dismantling Democratic platforms

Are great Democratic presidents a thing of the past? Andrew Jackson, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John Kennedy.

Over many years, the moral ideals of these great men have slowly disappeared and largely been replaced by far-left ideologies.

Progressives are systematically dismantling the Democratic platforms of championing the working class with the replacement of nefarious agendas to dominate them instead. The choices this last election were quite clear.

Progressive socialists believe in the complete redistribution of wealth, government control over DOJ and legal systems, banking, military, infrastructure, environment, health care, socialized medicine, elimination of religion and constitutional rights, welfare programs, government-paid college tuition and higher taxes to pay for it.

They prey on new generations of young Americans graduating from the classrooms of socialists professors (wolves in sheep's clothing), who hate American capitalism, the military, law enforcement and individual liberties.

Progressives desire to diminish our constitutional freedoms for the good of society, thus ensuring consolidation of power to subject subserviency in return for government benevolence. Not unlike a recently published article about feudalism during medieval times.

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Call it what you want, Soviet Socialism, National Socialism, Maoist Communism, even Bernie's Socialism, they all are destructive, left-wing ideologies that are present now in The United States.

Well financed by puppet masters, the likes of George Soros (net worth $25 billion), Michael Bloomberg (net worth $45.3 billion) and Tom Steyer (net worth $1.6 billion), and blithely promoted by Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the main stream media and Hollywood leftists.

History proves it. Every nation in which the scourge of Socialism has risen to power, its citizens are repressed and their religious and constitutional rights are taken away — Germany, Japan, Chile, China, Cuba, Laos, Afghanistan, Angola, Bulgaria, Hungary (Soros's home country), North Korea, Soviet Union, Libya, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan and Syria, to name but a few.

Venezuela being the latest example, with resource companies confiscated by the socialist ruling class, devaluation of the Bolivar currency and astronomical inflation causing redistribution of wealth. Citizens instructed to breed and consume rabbits for protein and substance. A national firearms ban instituted to minimize the threat of armed revolt against their tyranny, thereby leaving honest Venezuelan's defenseless to lawlessness and oppressive state police tactics.

The socialist's plan here in the U.S. is deceivingly crass. Patiently infusing sickening amounts of money by the billions into the 2018 midterms, ensuring the election of political pawns, thereby asserting control  of the House of Representatives and Senate. While, paying "professional activists" to sow discord into every aspect of America's politics.

Their money is out there, the national media and Hollywood elitists are on board and the socialist coup d'état is just one election away. Their goal is a socialist government starting in 2020, and if successful, they'll destroy our great Democracy from within. A cancerous threat to our country and free existence unlike any enemy we have ever faced as a nation.

They haven't won, yet.

It's imperative that we educate ourselves and our children of their deceptive goals and embrace our constitutional rights as Americans. Whether Democrat, Republican or Independent middle-of-the-fence voters, it is urgent for each and every one of us ensure that our individual vote is used to elect candidates who best represent our beliefs, morals, values and Constitutional rights.

The freedoms we treasure as a nation under God, are in imminent peril if we don't all come together and exercise our vote in a civil manner, so future generations can look back and declare that we indeed elected great leaders for our children's children.

Kevin Copeland