Kevin Copeland: Nation is watching |

Kevin Copeland: Nation is watching

Sept. 11 started out like any other week day. Hit the snooze a few times, get up, start the coffee, shower, dress and head to work. But in the brevity of time, between waking and the caffeine boost, the events leading up to the previous day had been completely overlooked. Only when a co-worker announced that “they had thrown the bums out,” was it realized that it was, anything but a routine day!

With euphoric excitement and a desire to read the details, I procured a copy of the Steamboat Today newspaper, only to be disappointed in so much as, in my mind’s eye, I had imagined something similar to the iconic picture of a grinning Truman holding up the newspaper that prematurely predicted a Dewey win. Instead, it was surprising to find a front page picture of a pink Thunderbird with headlines imploring the dismal travel experience drivers receive when entering Steamboat.

After briefly skimming the accompanying article (complete with typical lip service from our state representative, whom in attendance with the Transportation Review Committee, expounding on how she and her committee “will take all the feedback and decide whether any of the requests should be the focus of any upcoming legislation”), I found the story, back on page 15, which was of the most interest to myself and rural Colorado.

This historic recall (of Colorado Senate President John Morse and Colorado Sen. Angela Giron on Sept. 10) conveys an important message to every politician who locksteps to their party’s ideologies, in that, disregarding your constituents’ best interests, is paramount to political suicide. You hold an office by popular vote, not decree!

We all need to remember, on Election Day, those in the present administrations who have blindsided us with liberal, Front Range, New York and Washington agendas, by assuming among other things, that they possess intellectual insight as to how things should be done.

These same individuals perceive to know what’s best for all of us.

We are minimized as a voting bloc and thought ignorant of the ways of government. It is thought, we eventually all should be disarmed.

They’ve convinced their base constituents that their crusade on coal is justified and economically feasible and that we should give up good paying jobs in mining for a few marginal jobs in renewable energy. It is of no concern that thousands of other jobs piggyback on coal and its electrical generation. They offer no solutions to replace our mining wage and tax base. They’re consumed in the belief that they’ve been empowered with a higher mandate to impose upon us a doctrine, conveying when and in what form our energy needs will be, regardless of costs or proximity.

This blatant condescending disregard of our concerns and way of life is the reason many Colorado counties wish to secede.

We desperately need a government of pragmatic leaders who have our best interests in mind. People who discount their parties’ ignoble extremes and are willing to compromise with bipartisan solutions.

We have local problems; we need local solutions.

This was a wake-up call. It’s imperative that we now vote the other bums out (one local representative in particular).

The nation is watching.

Kevin Copeland


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