Kevin Copeland: List of liberal offenses

It’s irritability amusing having to listen to or read the cacophony of discontent from all the thin-skinned individuals who are so easily “offended” by everything President Trump does or says.

So, I’d like to share a sampling of what I (we) find offensive coming from the other side of the political spectrum.

What I’m (we’re) offended by,

• Progressive liberals and their divine epiphany, to create a utopian world order, void of nationalism, individualism and constitutional rights.

• George Soros’s deception concerning his bankrolling of these globalists’ illusions.

• Those who want to take our constitutional rights away “for the good of society.”

• Obama’s clique authorizing the Department of Justice to spy on Americans to insure the election of the “favored candidate.”

• The same administration’s forced ideology on government climatologists and environmentalists.

• Al Gore’s seemly endless “inconvenient” drivel.

• Racist, terrorist and radical environmentalist groups like BLM, KKK, Antifa and Wild Earth Guardians.

• Those who disrespect the flag of the United States.

• Those who disrespect our veterans, our military and our law enforcement.

• Immigrants who refuse to assimilate within our society’s’ rules and laws.

• The “elitists” of Hollywood and their endless ranting against Trump. (What, Trump hasn’t invited any of them for Lincoln bedroom sleep over?)

• Individuals still residing here after promising to leave the country if Trump was elected.

• Being labeled racist, homophobic or misogynic by Progressives that actually are.

• Socialist fascists who have effectively turned our universities from academics, higher education and independent thinking into safe spaces for young malleable hedonists, complete with crayons and coloring books.

• The media that ignores the fact that Hillary is truly a cheat, a liar and corrupt (should be) felon.

• The cultivation of ghettos to ensure an underclass that champions the Progressives, thereby procuring their votes.

• Illegal policies of the so-called sanctuary cities and one embarrassing state.

• Everything California (with the exception of their wines).

• The NFL (Alejandro Villanueva withstanding) and their sanctimonious grandstanding, disrespecting our nation’s flag, anthem, veterans, military, law enforcement and fire fighters.

• Those who disrespect and distort the deeds of deceased civil rights leaders to goad their own agendas.

• The ACLU and their war on Christianity.

• Hollywood feminists who don’t play by their own rules when conservative women are the victims of their wrath.

• People wearing pink hats.

• Men in women’s bathrooms.

• Over-the-top political correctness.

• Participation trophies.

• Agnostics (In God We Trust).

• Pious theatrics of Chuck Schumer (net worth $700 million) and Nancy Pelosi (net worth $30 million) saying that the recent tax breaks are but crumbs to the average American worker ($37,000 dollars).

• Those who deem it unfathomable to cut taxes, when it could instead be used for enabling social programs, ensuring votes.

• Hypocrites who would gladly accept tax reform money from “tainted” tax cuts “procured through con and scam” then donate $20.18 (fiscal pun intended) to every Progressive mid-term candidate with a hidden agenda to insure underclass servitude by voting in return for benevolent handouts financed by taxpayers.

• Those who don’t want to work and pay their share of taxes but still expect an equal piece of the pie.

• Those who feel that it is “morally just” increasing taxation on the companies, business and individuals to indemnify those who don’t.

• Last but not least, it was amusingly offensive when Hillary bestowed upon us her the infamous “deplorable” moniker during the 2016 campaign, but all things considered, it’s now thought an honorable slight, reflecting on how we culled her from the history books.

And I’m relatively sure Rosa Parks did not cry when that happened.

Kevin Copeland


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