Kevin Copeland: Goal will destroy area |

Kevin Copeland: Goal will destroy area

The propaganda blitzkrieg that Washington and their lock step cronies have created, has morphed into more than a laughable distraction. Our way of life is seriously under threat from a radical environmental agenda, that, if left unchecked and allowed to come to fruition, will cause social and economic chaos for everyone.

Northwest Colorado is likely to be ground zero if President Barack Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency and the environmental group, Wild Earth Guardians (who by the way, receive money from the Obama administration) achieve their goal to eliminate thermal coal electrical generation. The ramifications of this will affect us all (conservatives, liberals, rich, and especially, the poor).

 If Clarence Page really feels compelled to write about the social injustices heaped upon minorities, he should read the National Black Chamber of Commerce’s ( report on the threat of the EPA regulations to low-income groups and minorities, stating that the EPA’s so-called “Clean Power Plan” will inflict severe and disproportionate economic burdens on poor families, especially minorities. Their research shows that if left unchecked the EPA’s proposed rules will increase black poverty by 23 percent and Hispanic poverty by 26 percent.

This administration, desperately seeking a legacy, is diverting attention from their lack of any substantial accomplishments by wittingly become pawns of the radical environmental movement demonizing an element, that is essential for life as we know it.

Carbon dioxide, an element of our atmosphere, is absorbed from the air by plant life through photosynthesis and thereby recycled. It is a byproduct of carbon combustion, not created by it. No more can be added. What’s in existence has always been. We even exhale carbon dioxide between breaths (they’ll want you to start filtering that next).

To further a presently unattainable goal toward alternate energy, environmental radicals need a villain, hence global warming was dreamed up to blame the evolutionary cycle of climate change. But alas, earth’s temperature has been flat for the past 12 years, so they changed the name of this perceived threat to “climate change.”

Wel,l duh, they nailed the right name, but warped the consequences to benefit their agenda. News flash people, the climate does change. You can’t stop it. Since the epoch of time, and generally for the better, our climate does and will change. Period.

 The rambling diatribe of Joan Conway on June 3 in this newspaper is an example of their distortion of facts. I, for one, rather enjoy a good rain (ranchers, forest managers, downstream users and all water enthusiasts would have to agree) — no fire danger (liberating co2) and healthier vegetation (recycling co2). Exactly the way God and nature intended.

Look around our little piece of heaven, this valley, replete with pristine air and beautiful landscapes we share with two economically important power plants, supplied by local clean-burning coal, providing employment, royalties and taxes to the local economies.

If the current trend is self-sustainability, I can’t think of anything more practical.

Ms. Conway, the next time I enjoy a rain shower, I will remember that convection is causing it and will give a little prayer of thanks for the needed moisture, knowing that things are working as nature intended.

I will also call Senator Michael Bennet and Senator Cory Gardner and encourage them to support our utilities, coal companies and the thousands of individuals living in our communities, who work hard, providing jobs, paying taxes and providing environmentally sound, inexpensive energy to all of us.

Next time you see a coal miner, thank them for the convenience of your clean, reliable electricity. We’re your friends and neighbors.

Kevin Copeland


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