Kevin Copeland: Ban the bone |

Kevin Copeland: Ban the bone

In the wake of the Boston tragedy, I would hope that our present elected officials are willing to fall all over one another to be the first to pass some meaningful, feel-good legislation to ban improvised explosive devices so as to keep them out of the hands of criminals. As I perceive it, present laws are obviously being circumvented.

They also should demand background checks on everyone who purchases BBs, marbles, ball bearings, staples and nails — all common objects that can be acquired by craven misfits to maximize the carnage of these cowardly devises.

I am lividly enraged (as are all good humans) by all these despicable acts of violence perpetrated against us. Unfortunately, there are gutless subhumans with demented agendas who do in fact live among us. This has been a fact of life since man first walked the earth.

We should also ban bones, one of which was most likely used to club the first human ever murdered. We could then go further and ban some of the most common vile things used to kill: objects such as pencils, baseball bats, hammers, hatchets, narcotics, fire, rope, plastic bags, duct tape, fists, feet, concrete, water, knives, pressure cookers and microwaves, to name a few. Also, let's not forget planes, trains and automobiles!

Use your imagination; almost any object can be used to kill. If you envision it to be dangerous, it should be banned.

Litigate society until the cows come home, but it's guaranteed the creeps who intend to do us harm will find a way regardless of laws added and rights removed.

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Bottom line, it's against the law to commit murder. Period!

Everyone needs to be more vigilant, work to better humanity locally, nationally and globally. Stress morals and value life. In addition, provide less media attention for perpetrators and politicians.

Our best defense is common sense. Something that the administrations in Colorado and Washington are sadly lacking, judging from their records regarding energy and firearms.

Next time you vote, vote for common sense! Ban mediocre politicians and their cronies!

Kevin Copeland

Routt County