Kevin Chapman: Vote ‘no’ on 2A |

Kevin Chapman: Vote ‘no’ on 2A

The ski area and airline industry is asking for more of your money … to tax you more on every single purchase you make in Steamboat Springs. They are asking for us to voluntarily tax ourselves more to potentially put more people on the flights to Hayden and therefore more money in their pockets, not yours. The Steamboat Resorts’s parent company, Alterra Mountain Co., purchases rights to another ski area every week yet they are asking us for our tax dollars to help get more money into their pockets. The signs you see around town are very professionally designed because they have a large amount of very wealthy contributors that can afford to persuade you that this measure is good for you. They know American voters can easily be persuaded by a well-designed campaign, even if the vast majority of the voters ultimately don’t benefit from the outcome.

Residents of Steamboat Springs, I implore you to not subsidize the wealthy and to strongly support keeping sales taxes low in our town. The airline industry and ski industry have cooked up a way to try and have our locals pay their costs to bring more and more people to Steamboat. Our tourism numbers are wonderful, this tax increase is not needed and will not benefit the individual citizens. We are an extremely popular ski destination and family resort as many ski magazines have stated over the years. This tax increase will be paid by everyone buying anything in Steamboat.

I say no public money for private companies. Our taxes should go towards things like schools and libraries, not the airlines that charge you an astronomical amount to fly out of our own airport, if there is even service at all. If anything, I could get behind a tax that helps locals afford to fly out of Hayden. Now there’s an idea.

Please vote “no” on new taxation here in Steamboat Springs where we already pay around $15 for a simple cheeseburger (often fries not included).

The wealthy are just that, wealthy, so let’s ask them to pay their own way by voting “no” on 2A and let us, you and I, keep a little more change in our pockets so we can buy that cheeseburger, even if we can’t afford the fries to go with it.

Ask yourself this: “Will I benefit from being taxed more?”

Kevin Chapman

Middle-class resident

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