Kermit the Frog vs. Local David Jolly |

Kermit the Frog vs. Local David Jolly

People in Steamboat have many hidden talents. None more guttural than that of David Jolly, a former Disney performer who, in 2004 after Disney's acquisition of The Muppets, was a lily pad's hop away from becoming the new voice for the lovable Kermit the Frog. Here's how the two stack up head to slimy head.

Kermit the Frog

Born: 1955 in Leland, Mississippi

Grew up in: Swamps of Louisiana

No. of siblings: 3,265

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No. of fingers/hand: 5 (other Muppets have 4)

Originally a: Sesame Street character

Graduated from: Southampton College in 1996 with a doctorate in Amphibious Letters

First to: Leave his swamp (at age 12) and talk to humans

Songs: "The Rainbow Connection" in 1978, which reached #25 on the Billboard Hot 100

Wrote: Autobiography "Before You Leap: A Frog's Eye View of Life's Greatest Lessons"

Best friend: Fozzie Bear

Crush on: Miss Piggy

Awards: Grand marshal for Michigan State University's 2006 homecoming parade

David Jolly

Born: 1971 in Warner Robbins, Georgia

Grew up in: Lansthul, Germany, and Niceville, Florida

No. of siblings: 2

No. of fingers/hand: 5

Originally a: Disney World performer (including roles as Goofy, Beast, Jafar, Tigger, Chewbacca and Darth Vader)

Graduated from: Okaloosa Walton, Florida

First to: Perform live interviews in character costume on camera while voice actor improvised lines behind the camera.

Songs: "Silverthorne!" (Cabaret 2004); "Don't Stop Steamboatin'" (Cabaret 2015)

Wrote: "The Bachelor's Guide to Escaping Bachelorhood" (unpublished)

Best friend: Scott “Otis” Leggett

Crush on: Heidi Meshurel-Jolly (wife)

Awards: 'Mouscars' Sweetums of the Year 1995-1996; Tinkerbell Award 1998