Kent Holt: ‘I will not support 4C’ |

Kent Holt: ‘I will not support 4C’

My wife and I moved into the Yampa Valley in the early 70s. I have always considered myself to be a faithful supporter of the local public education system. I can’t remember when I didn’t vote “yes” in support of our schools.

Ballot issue 4C is a game changer. The RE-2 school board is submitting this crazy voter issue, counting on the public’s general support for the schools and hoping voters do not fully understand the consequences of ballot issue. The devil is in the details.

The school board’s strategy confronts the voters with the choice of passing 4C or continuing with overcrowded schools and failing infrastructure. It’s all or nothing. The minimum cost of 4C is huge — a $137 million tax burden, and the ballot issue contains no apparent language for retirement of the mil levy.  

Based on RE-2’s own data, there is no logical justification for a new 460 student pre-K-8 school. The proposed school site is 3 1/2 miles west of downtown Steamboat. All vehicle travel to and from Steamboat would have to pass through the 13th Street intersection on U.S. Highway 40, already facing serious and permanent capacity issues.

I will not support Ballot Issue 4C. The community deserves a rational solution.

Kent Holt

Steamboat Springs

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