Ken Collins: You can’t make this stuff up |

Ken Collins: You can’t make this stuff up

SNL, one of America's favorite satirical "news" programs, could be hanging it up after nearly 42 years. Most of us grew up watching it. Another icon of comedy and satire, MAD magazine, which began in 1952, is calling it quits, also. To lose both so suddenly is a shame.

Both have given their reasons, and it is, amazingly, the same one. After all the years of pushing the limits of satire, they have decided that in today's America, they cannot compete. They have been "Trumped."  The old adage, "You can't make this stuff up," has overtaken even their brilliant writers.

With the Trump idea of a dictatorship military parade, even though almost all generals and military folks shake their heads at the idea and cost and reason, Herr Donald wants to show the world just how mighty we are. John Kennedy, R-Louisiana, put it well when he wrote, "Confidence is silent, insecurity is loud."

Our last parade was a $12 million affair in 1991. Now, they say it will be $22 million at a time of budget crisis. Maybe the tens of millions that was donated to the inauguration but was not spent can pay for it.

The GOP sent out an America-ending, democracy destroying, life-as-we-know-it-is-over memo. And of course, it was Hillary's fault. And it was also a complete dud. A farce. Apparently Memo II, III and  IV are coming. God be with us.

The fiscal party is in control of everything. So just how do they justify adding $1.5 trillion to our debt?

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Trump's evangelical advisor tells us that we don't need flu shots because "Jesus is our vaccination." More people watched his State of the Union speech than any other — actually, eight others were bigger. He's a fabulous physical specimen, even though he is one pound shy of obese, can't walk, eats KFC, drinks diet Coke and lies in bed ’til midmorning.

You can't make this stuff up. The list is too long. Much longer than anything Trump has read in his life.

So to use one of the quintessential lines from the retiring Alfred E Nueman, "What? Me worry?" You betcha

Ken Collins

Oak Creek