Ken Collins: Where are today’s GOP Congresspeople? |

Ken Collins: Where are today’s GOP Congresspeople?

A short list we always heard concerning conservatives and the GOP:

1. Fiscally responsible
2. Respect the Constitution
3. Believe in the “rule of law”
4. Keep government out of our daily lives
5. Believe in the right to vote
6. Freedom of (not from) religion
7. As per Constitution, three equal branches of government
8. Even in Nixon’s time, no Potus is above the law
9. Lying (for all, not just the GOP) is wrong

With their heads firmly in the sand and fingers deeply in their ears and mouths yelling “fake news,” I wonder where are today’s GOP Congresspeople? They can’t be the ones in D.C. Those folks are pandering to dictators.

The GOP I’ve known would never do that. Does Reagan ring a bell to them?Time to throw out the bums?

Ken Collins
Oak Creek

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