Ken Collins: Weathering the storms |

Ken Collins: Weathering the storms

Most storms start small and build, but not all. This one is a large storm with huge consequences. Clean up will take years and could cost lives. How did it start? We’re learning now that there were existing conditions far away from American shores.

We now know, with certainty, that a lot of the build up started in Russia. Add to that, boatloads of greed — greed for power and money. And for an America that we left behind a time ago and most don’t want to return to.

Here are some of the factors that have been spawned by and for a Cat. 5 designation:

• A State Department that has vacant offices everywhere as experienced personnel have quit and not been replaced. Usually, outgoing department personnel from the previous administration stay for a couple of weeks to help the new people. They were told to leave on inauguration day, leaving the “trial and error” method for the replacements.

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• An energy secretary who wanted the department eliminated.

• An EPA director who had sued the agency 12 times as Oklahoma attorney general.

• A NASA director who does not believe in climate change; along with most of the Cabinet.

• A mining safety director who, as an owner, ran a coal company that violated safety laws dozens of time.

• An education secretary who wants to teach creationism and cut funding for Title IX, which put in place protection for girls and women in education.

• An attorney general who has a good friend named Jim Crow.

• A mockery made of the Emolument Clause about making money off serving.

• FEMA cuts that began at the start of hurricane season.

• And 43 countries without an ambassador yet, including China, Japan and South Korea. At the same time, blustering about North Korea that puts America in a no-win situation. It also puts the world at the brink of war.

• A policy more heartless and cruel as anything in our lifetimes, rescinding DACA.

• Several outright attempts of obstruction of justice. So we have had Harvey and Irma on its way. And as bad as that, the worst is still occurring with Hurricane Trump. It’s a category 5 only because that’s as high as the chart goes. It’s actually much worse.

The spineless GOP can only shake its head and say “that’s disturbing.” I just hope American can weather this storm.

Ken Collins

Oak Creek


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