Ken Collins: Trump ‘says’ a lot of things |

Ken Collins: Trump ‘says’ a lot of things

He says he didn’t talk extortion to Ukraine about Biden business.

He says his holding back of Ukrainian military aid to defend it from Putin is a coincidence.

He says he didn’t payoff a porn star to stay quiet.

He says he’s a great businessman despite six bankruptcies.

He says he is for the farmers even though his tariffs are killing them.

He says China is paying the tariffs, not us.

He says Mexico will pay for the wall, not our military.

He says a lot of things, then contradicts them a couple of sentences later.

He says climate change is a hoax.

He says he has the best brain and the best words, as he speaks at a third-grade level.

According to FactCheck, he’s surpassed 4,000 lies so far.

He says he gets “love letters” from dictators while angering long-standing allies.

He’s enriching himself while president. 

He has pulled out of numerous pacts set up to ensure our peace.

He is defunding NATO aid and weakening allied agreements.Then he says “believe me.” And the GOP and his base do.

There must be a line of guys with briefcases of cash waiting at the Oval Office door and GOP senators’ offices. I remember when the GOP stood for what was right for America. Today’s GOP? Grand Ol’ Putin.

If the truth upsets you, read the comics.

Ken Collins

Oak Creek

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