Ken Collins: Trump is threat to America |

Ken Collins: Trump is threat to America

Barnum & Bailey Circus will shut down after 150 years. The animals will be fine, maybe better. And the clowns are finding work also. In the new Trump administration, only the scary ones, though.

Give Donald Trump credit. He has found the worst people for almost every cabinet post that could be found.

Rick Perry in energy? A department that he wanted eliminated a few years ago, he had no idea that it included nuclear arms.

Scott Pruitt in the EPA? He’s sued it 18 times and closed the Oklahoma office when he was AG. Climate change is a non-starter for him.

Betsy DeVos for education? She’s hasn’t a clue what a public education is about having herself or her children been nowhere near a public school.

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Jeff Sessions as attorney general? I guess David Duke declined, and of course, George Wallace is dead.

Ben Carson for the head of HUD? Well, he does live in a house.

The scariest is Rex Tillerson for secretary of state.  He recently was given the highest medal a citizen could be given — by Vladimir Putin. Vlad’s on his speed dial. What could possibly be bad about that? Conflict of interest or compromising information as starters.

Donald Trump still wants the wall and pesos to pay for it. Ain’t going to happen. So he’ll raise the tariff on Mexican goods. Which, of course, means you and I will pay for it.

The GOP will find the money by dissolving the mortgage payment help millions of lower income people have counted on and repealing the health care of 21 million Americans. And erasing the health care women have avilable to them. And selling unneeded mining rights in our National Parks. And cutting taxes for billionaires. And not paying his fair share.

Since Trump can do more than one thing at a time, he’s decided that an investigation into voter fraud is needed. He can’t believe he lost the popular vote. He thought that world-wide march on the Jan. 21 was for him.

Not surprising since his mouthpiece, Kellyanne Conway, explained the “alternative facts” approach to the world. George Orwell, in his novel “1984” had it wrong. He thought is was “newspeak.”  

In my opinion, when your POTUS communications director is channeling Orwell, you have a serious problem.

Why not top this whole 1930s European theme by shutting down most federal agencies’ ability to communicate with the public? Transparency is overrated, despite what the GOP kept yelling at Obama about. Then he abrubtly calls it off and says he never did it.

Trump says our illegal alien infestation — by the way lower than it has been in many years — is a “threat to American sovereignty.” No Mr. Trump, and I don’t mean that respectfully, when the only country not worried about America is Russia, it is you that is the threat.

Ken Collins

Oak Creek