Ken Collins: Time’s up |

Ken Collins: Time’s up

There’s a groundswell happening across America. And it’s overdue. But not unexpected, considering the last 16 months and who’s in the White House.

Powers-that-be could become powers-that-were. Both in D.C. and in entertainment and business, the abuses by men in power have finally come to the forefront.

Women are joining hands and locking arms and beginning a movement that is long overdue. Obama’s passing of the Lilly Ledbetter Act concerning equal pay for women was just the tip. With the most misogynist of humans as our Potus, America is showing signs of strength to face oppression and intimidation. No longer willing to stay silent, females of all ages are making a difference.

The vote in Alabama was an indication of how women, in this case African-American, can make a difference when they have decided they won’t take it anymore. The next election, and hopefully the rest in history, will be decided more by the gender that really keeps this country advancing and not from the greedy, super-rich white males that have always kept them down.

The #metoo movement and the Womens March and more that will follow are reshaping our government and our country. No longer willing to be seen, not heard, they will right this ship in a direction of fairness and equality.

But it will not be easy, as the Congress, especially the GOP side, is going to fight this at every turn. Women of all races, ages and ethnicities need to get out and organize, march, speak and most of all vote.

You want to really Make America Great Again? Then join in and do the hard work. After all, that’s what they’ve been doing since the beginning of time, but now they will be fairly compensated for that work.

Ken Collins

Oak Creek

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