Ken Collins: The ‘other’ party |

Ken Collins: The ‘other’ party

There have been some very anti-Obama and anti-Democratic letters in the paper lately. Fine. It’s called free speech. Maybe not fair, but free.

But maybe we should take a look at the “other” party and its ideas. The GOP has done its very best to stop the law of the land in the Affordable Care Act. No, it’s not perfect but it can be fixed. It’s amazing at how the GOP is trying to keep young people from getting health insurance just to justify their lack of ability to pass something of their own when they had the power.

The GOP is against the raising of the minimum wage to an amount that is a livable level. They are against taxing multi-millionaires even 3 percent more with the ridiculous argument that it will cost jobs. They are against helping public education but are for private institutions. They are against any increase in the background checks of gun purchases. They are against any restrictions on assault weaponry. They want to restrict as much as possible the ability of Americans to vote. They are against giving people who believe differently from them the ability to get married on the grounds that it belittles their marriage. They are against women having control of their own bodies and health and reproduction choices. They are against the Environmental Protection Agency even though it was Nixon who got it started.

And maybe worst of all, they cut

$5 billion from the food stamp program that benefits children, the elderly, veterans and in general, the disadvantaged. But cutting the oil industry’s $4 billion subsidy? No way.

Just how cruel does one have to be to be in that party? This is not the GOP of a generation ago. It seems to have changed from the Grand Old Party to the Gouge Other People.

Ken Collins


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