Ken Collins: Signs of the times |

Ken Collins: Signs of the times

— As for what has been happening to some of the political signs lately, it is shameful, illegal and unfair. Freedom of speech allows one to show promotion for one’s candidates but does not allow the destruction of such.

That being said, a couple of things go begging. One is that in heated political times as these, there are differences of opinions on various stances. That should not lead to what has happened. But maybe something else, not so obvious, also is involved. The signs in question, mostly from one party, are some of the largest signs in all of Routt County. Could that be the problem? Is the size of the signs in direct ratio of the widening gap in the polls? Secondly, I took some economics in college, and it doesn’t take a degree to question the reaction to the theft or damage of the signs. Offering a $1,000 reward for the perpetrators of the $40 signs, add in concrete, steel posts and labor, and you’ve got the equivalent of 30 to 35 signs.

There’s only a few days left. Now the signs mostly belong to the party that is in power now to the tune of eight years in the White House and 12 of 14 in control of the budget-passing Congress. Is this not a prime example of the cause of our economic mess we are in now? I realize there is a principle involved. But maybe sometimes common sense should trump misdemeanor justice. Something to consider.

Ken Collins

Oak Creek