Ken Collins: On Keystone pipeline |

Ken Collins: On Keystone pipeline

Both houses have passed the Keystone even in the face of an executive veto. Let’s see what they accomplished.

■ Jobs: A few thousand part time and 35 or so permanent. Check.

■ Energy security: The oil will go to refineries dedicated to foreign distribution, U.S. availability assured? No. Not a dime’s help at the pump. Check.

■ American products used: The bill does not require U.S. pipe or U.S. labor and TransCanada has used cheap pipe in most of their lines. Check.

■ Effect on climate: 

  1. The most energy demanding extraction in existence.

  2. The dirtiest burning oil on planet earth.

  3. The most corrosive of liquid fuel sources.

  4. Turns a once beautiful arboreal forest into a Hell on earth.

  5. Check.

■ Safety issues: TransCanada has one of the worst track records on pipeline safety.

■ Keystone goes across some of U.S.’s biggest water tables and across our “breadbasket.” Check.

Congratulations GOP and a handful of Dems. You have taken the “I’m not a scientist” mantra and turned it into “I really only care about money. The earth is on its own.”

You always talk about leaving our children with our debt. You probably solved that issue. We may not have to worry anymore. They will have a lot more serious problems than that.

Ken Collins

Trout Lake, Washington

Formerly of Steamboat Springs

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