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Ken Collins: Mi casa e su casa

— "The browning of America." Wow. Of all you wrote, Omar, that line stood out ("Omar Campbell: Thoughts about Mexico," Tuesday's Steamboat Today).

I recently finished Ken Burns' nine-part series "The West". May I suggest you check it out since it seems that you must have missed the school term called American history. This land called America was, for thousands of years, already brown or maybe more reddish-brown, long before any whites even knew it existed. Maybe it was the Vikings or maybe Columbus 500 years or so ago that stumbled onto this continent.

It didn't take long before white man began the removal/slaughter of millions of indigenous peoples. It was done under two banners, mainly. One was Manifest Destiny, which actually means less the right to conquer and more the power to conquer. The other banner was often "in the name of God." Most people consider all humans, including those indigenous, to be God's children. So it's a moral quandary on just how God may have felt about white mans' history of pushing across the country leaving collateral damage in their wake.

As far as those Mexicans or "illegal immigrants" are concerned, check the history books you missed and you'll find that California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas were pretty well settled with them, scores of generations before whites ever reached there. We invaded and called it destiny. They called it "mi tierra."

You also mentioned "the corrupt third-world Mexican government." Maybe someday, with luck, they can achieve "corrupt first-world government" status like America. How easy it is to forget the reason this country was founded: freedom; to live, to prosper, to worship, to move. Those are the very things we did not let Native Americans do as we destined our way across the land. The children fleeing their homelands because of the absolute horror of the cartels is sickened by the thought that so much of the drug trade is to our very own country. We are making their lives unlivable down there. And you apparently don't see the humanity of trying to help them however we can. Round 'em up and send them back to Hell. And shut that damn door behind 'em.

We should all be glad the Native "Americans" weren't capable of doing that very thing not so long ago.