Ken Collins: It’s time to take back America |

Ken Collins: It’s time to take back America

A little known bill is headed for the House. Its SB225. In short, it reads, “From now on, 2+2=5.” No surprise there.
With all the national security experts saying North Korea is still a nuclear danger, POTUS assures us Putin says they aren’t.
With 95 percent of climate scientists and our own military saying climate change is real and an immediate threat, POTUS and the GOP disagree.
After Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush both installed huge tax breaks for the rich saying it would trickle down, and it didn’t so they had to raise taxes …well Donald Trump and the GOP did it again. And the IRS says refunds are going out at about 15 percent less than last year for the average Jane and John.
With abortions at an all-time low in the last 50 years mostly because of Planned Parenthood, the same two are trying to defund it, along with the health care for millions of women.
With the number of arrests of illegal crossings at a 30-year low, the wall is a national emergency even though drugs don’t come across the border between entries. Boats, planes and trucks bring them.
Between every murder committed by an illegal, there are hundreds of Americans killed by, you got it, Americans. And emergencies aren’t followed by going golfing.
While clean water is becoming a harder-to-attain resource, the Trump EPA is raising the allowable rates for iron, mercury and other carcinogens in our supply.
Voter fraud has been statistically non-existent, except in North Carolina, and the GOP still wants to restrict who can vote.  The “who” are minorities.
The list goes on, but you get the math.
So, soon, will we do the math? 2+2=5?
I finally am willing to use that saying, “It’s time to take back America.”
Ken Collins
Oak Creek

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