Ken Collins: If you can’t show up to testify, you’re hiding something |

Ken Collins: If you can’t show up to testify, you’re hiding something

I had my second jury summons the other day. I did not serve. I did serve, for two days, a few years ago, at the Routt County Judicial Center, because it was my duty to go. It was a bit of an inconvenience but to be an American, that is what we do.

That is, apparently, unless you are a rich, white, male and, yes, a Republican serving in the government. They somehow feel that a court summons, even a subpoena, is not worth the paper it is written on. So they blow it off.

In the trial I served, there were witnesses. One thing most trials have. And evidence. It’s called a fair and impartial court system. But there seems to be quite a few people in our Congress and this administration who feel that a fair and just hearing is not necessary.

A law professor, Edward Purcell, who wrote a book on Scalia and the Constitution, wrote a piece on the impeachment. He writes that since this is a civil, not criminal, case, any person refusing to show up in court or answer questions in court can be interpreted by the jury as either lying or hiding evidence that would hurt their case.

And anyone who forces them to not show up or to say nothing are allowing the jury to assume the worst. And, if any witness or defendant has been found in a lie, their testimony can be considered as all lies.

Maybe, say the last week in January, everybody across the country would decide to pull a GOP and not show up for a summons from their court. What would that be like? If you can’t or won’t show up for the truth, then you are hiding it. By the way, I am not advocating such a thing.

Ken Collins
Oak Creek

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