Ken Collins: Flabbergasted at Trump supporters |

Ken Collins: Flabbergasted at Trump supporters

I admit I'm impressed with most of those still backing Trump — not all, but that's normal.

I know that most are parents and grandparents, which means kids and grandkids are present. I'm sure most are moral and honest people. They think that you should pay your debts, tell the truth, treat people with respect and I'd hope they listen to others' opinions.

I'm sure most respect the laws that govern society. I would expect a lot of them give people of other ethnicities at least some leeway as humans. I can't imagine that many think they are the "smartest, best educated, have the best memory, the best words, make the best decisions, the most important person of all the people on planet earth."

Surely they would not allow their children to lie, steal, cheat or verbally abuse others. Most can probably remember what they said in the morning, later that afternoon. Some may be bullies but for the most part, they are not. And they have a moral code and some amount of empathy.

Having said all that, let me change one thing. Considering all that, I'm not "impressed” with them really. Since Trump is the exact opposite of all these listed qualities, I'm truly flabbergasted. Simply dumbfounded. Or to borrow from the Twitter-in-Chief, it's "SAD.”

God, please bless America.

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