Ken Collins: Do officials care? |

Ken Collins: Do officials care?

Dick Cheney and Al Franken. Opposite ends of any spectrum, but now there’s a relationship. Does Cheney, ex-CEO of Halliburton, still loom over Congress? A subsidiary of Halliburton has a government contract for some federal business. A female worker for that company was allegedly gang-raped by fellow employees and subsequently locked in a container by her employer. She went on to sue her employer.

Enter the junior-est senator, Al Franken. He introduced his first-ever bill. It was to make it illegal for the government to hire for federal work any company that had a rule against an employee’s ability to sue it for anything, including employee rape at work. It’s hard to believe that a bill would even be needed for that reason. Slam-dunk vote in the Senate, one would think. A 68-30 vote. The 30 votes against that Federal Contractor Employee Liability Act were, to a person, all Republicans.

Ask yourself, please, how can any human being be against a bill like that? We all have or know mothers, daughters, sisters, wives who are out in the work force. To have U.S. congressmen who worry more about the companies that may do the government’s work over the female employees’ safety makes me wonder something. Just how much do these Republicans who are “worried” about our health care reform really care about the American people? The woman’s lawsuit, by the way, was thrown out due to the fine print in her contract, against suing. Does that make you feel all warm and fuzzy, America?

Ken Collins

Oak Creek

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