Ken Collins: Democracy headed for CPR |

Ken Collins: Democracy headed for CPR

Before our eyes, we are watching a democracy/republic dissolve. After winning the White House and both branches of Congress and soon the Court, the GOP is dismantling everything they can

Trump, according to just one of Putin’s buddies in the administration (Bannon), has selected only Cabinet candidates who want to “deconstruct the government.”

It does not matter if it is safety issues in labor, health issues, survival issues for the poor/elderly, financial burdens for college students, environmental issues, voting rights, civil rights, banking rules, they are out to gut any progress that has been made. The Constitution be damned.

For the party of Lincoln, they are a bunch of hypocrites. Investigate Hillary — don’t investigate Trump and his Russian minions working for him. Let the whites vote but stop the blacks and browns from voting.

Destroy the earth while letting the fossile fuel industry get richer. Defund Planned Parenthood while restricting women’s choice of health care and family planning. Delegitimize any efforts to hold fair discussions on anything that hurts the bottom 95 percent.

They are doing this while adding trillions to the federal deficit. Cut Meals on Wheels while adding $58 billion to defense? Cut after-school programs, sending kids to be unsupervised at an empty home or forcing a working parent to quit a job to be there?

Do this as POTUS goes off on a golfing vacation every weekend to the tune of $3 million per whack?

This isn’t just insanity, it’s cruel. The GOP has become the Party of Cruel, not Lincoln.

And far too few Republican congresspeople have the cajones to stand up to this. If impeachment or the 25th Amendment don’t end Trump’s presidency, hopefully the midterms in 2018 will take the wind out of his sails.

The democracy/republic is headed for CPR. Hopefully, it can be saved.

Ken Collins

Oak Creek

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