Ken Collins: Apologies to our Founding Fathers |

Ken Collins: Apologies to our Founding Fathers

I watched the Mueller hearing Wednesday morning. No surprises. But it did show in full blown reality what this country has become. And it ain’t pretty.

I’ve read parts of the report. Pretty dry stuff if you have no degree on your wall. But there was plenty of hot spots.What is evident after the hearing is how different the two parties are. Will the country be swayed any differently? Doubt it.

After all, we’ve known for a long time how much the Trump team knew of, participated in and encouraged the Russian electoral invasion. Dozens are indicted or in jail or awaiting sentencing or trial. Several were fired — almost to a one, lying to Congress, Mueller, the press and maybe even their families.

The GOP kept going to the “Steele Dossier” as if it was the Mein Kampf or the Devil’s constitution. They kept saying it was a total lie. And yet, everything that has been pulled out has been proven to be true — not saying the whole thing is, just what we’ve seen of it.

Collusion by Trump may not be proven. But you have to be from another planet to think he knew nothing about it. Virtually every human involved in his campaign met with Russians. Don’t even try to deny that.

That’s not the real crime though. In the report and many times in the hearing, it was stated by Mueller, the Democrats and even a couple of GOPers that Trump committed obstruction of justice. Witness tampering — many times. Disregard subpoenas — many times. 

Because of some strange unwritten rule, he gets off scott free. And the GOP is proud of that. They are proud of his lying to Congress and America. No problemo. The New America. Home of the “free and the brave” — free to lie and brave any consequences.

The GOP has power and is willing to snuggle up to dictators, with a compromised POTUS, to hold on to that power. And his base doesn’t care a bit if he lies and uses the Constitution to clean off his golf clubs. He’s their media star, despite doing nothing to actually help them.

The world has moved on from America. We don’t have that privilege. Apologies to our Founding Fathers.

Ken Collins

Oak Creek

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