Ken Collins: America has taken U-turn |

Ken Collins: America has taken U-turn

Most jobs have some requirements to be even considered for hire. Two unwritten requirements for most jobs are honesty and a certain level of morality. But this is true, apparently, only for jobs where one gets hired. When that job is an elected job, all bets are swept from the table.

Take a couple of minutes and consider what qualities you would look for in a person to do an important job. There are some variables, of course, depending on the exact job. Let me list some present qualities for a certain "important job” — dishonesty, schoolyard bully, tax evader, money launderer, philanderer, cheat, liar, braggart, homophobe, narcissist, fifth-grade vocabulary, name caller, amoral, clueless, anti-science, reality TV-addict mentality, revengeful, con-artist, sexual predator.

Quite a list. Any couple should negate a person's chances.

But not, apparently, with one of our major political parties and a high percentage of its followers. They back a person with not just a couple, but the whole nine yards of disgusting qualities.

Hillary had her faults, as did Obama, W, Bill and Ronnie. But you could total the poor qualities of all our past presidents and still not come to the present day's total.

For the GOP to still back Trump and pull for Roy Moore for the sake of a Senate seat, it has become clear that part of America has taken a U-turn on its way to be the free world leader.

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Hopefully, the last few special elections are indicators that we are ready to right the ship in 2018, and we "throw the bums out.” The world no longer respects us. They no even longer shake their heads at us. They're starting to ignore us.

For that, we have one person to "thank."

Ken Collins

Oak Creek

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