Ken Collins: Allen misses mark |

Ken Collins: Allen misses mark

— Last Sunday’s guest commentary from Mary K. Allen (“God bless America”) needs a reply. Yes, Obama does represent America when he is abroad and should do so in a good manner. He should not, let’s say, invade a country that did nothing to us, nor should he lie to the American people about weapons of mass destruction and then be responsible for the deaths of a hundred thousand Iraqis.

Obama’s “cool demeanor” and “narcissism and ineptness” would not even register on the radar screen of the previous president. Reagan’s “shining city on a hill” now has the electric bill overdue, and we can’t pay it. How you can blame the problems on the Democrats when 12 of the past 14 years were with a Republican Congress and 20 of the past 28 years found a GOP president?

A “prosperous and generous nation” no longer is possible for millions of Americans because of, in part, the greed and deregulation of Reaganomics. Allen speaks about “less, rather than more, government,” when Reagan and George W. Bush created our history’s largest. “Individual responsibility” shrinks in the fact that the last administration took no responsibility for any of its mistakes.

Our framers did write incredible documents that have been used by many countries forming their own new democracies. Bush chose to shred them. And Obama can speak well without a teleprompter. George has an eight-volume set of “Bushisms.” And for Allen to suggest that Obama, with his multi-racial, middle-class, earn-it-on-your-own background, loves America any less than the fratboy, partying son of George H.W. Bush – well, that is a great leap of faith.

So if Ms. Allen wants America to return to the idyllic, conservative, competent, fiscally responsible, small government that she says we had, one might suggest that she gets back on board the spaceship and return to whichever planet she has been on for the past eight years because it wasn’t America and it wasn’t planet Earth.

God, please bless America.

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