Ken Collins: A truly American ad |

Ken Collins: A truly American ad

Somewhere, during what was, to a lot of us Coloradans, the worst Super Bowl ever, was one of the best ads ever.

Coca-Cola’s “It’s Beautiful” was an ad that silenced the room as soon as it started. That song always does. You didn’t know whose ad it was, and it didn’t matter. To hear one of the most beautiful songs ever written, sung in so many languages, was a true tribute to the greatness of this country. 

Don’t forget, we are all, except the Native American Indians, immigrants. A lot of languages came ashore during the nearly 500 years of our history. For some, it took a long time to learn English, since it was not the “official” language anyway. 

Even today, in every large city in America, there are pockets of the “old world.” That’s OK. We’re America (an Italian derivation name, by the way). A melting pot.

Read the words on Lady Liberty’s base. There was even a few seconds of a gay couple with their daughter ice skating. Don’t forget, Katherine Bates, the poem’s/song’s author lived with a female friend for 25 years in Boston and Colorado, the Pikes Peak area, the inspiration for the words.

There are those who are outraged for the diversity of the languages. “Sing it in English,” they say. Maybe they should learn a second language themselves.

What is more of an American symbol around the world than a can of Coke? Some say they will never drink another Coke. Fine. Coca-Cola won’t miss you.

So, thank you Coca-Cola for an ad that made me feel proud to be an American. And for bringing one bright spot to a very unbright evening. 

Ken Collins


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