Ken Collins: A scary scenario |

Ken Collins: A scary scenario

Here’s the scenario: It’s about 2 a.m. in the bar, loud music, lights flashing, people dancing and partying. Everybody has been drinking for two to six hours, since eating. Judgment’s low but invincibility is high and getting higher.

In walks a nutcase with an AR 15 and starts spraying an ungodly number of bullets. The off-duty policeman, who is the guard, tries to get a few shots off to no avail.

People are being mowed down. Patrons are running over each other in a panic to get the hell out of there. But wait. This is a conceal/carry place. OK. We’ve got six to 12 people who have their handguns strapped to their ankles or thigh holsters, even though probably none of them have had much practice shooting at humans, especially one returning fire with far greater firepower than they hold in their hands.

Let’s say several of them have not fled and decide to “git ’er done.” What a highly trained cop could not do is now being attempted by a bunch of half-baked Charles Bronsons in a bar with dozens dead or injured, and dozens running for their lives, knocking over tables and chairs, screaming and crying. Perfect, now we’ve got seven to 10 weapons discharging.

Within minutes, a couple of squad cars of cops show up, guns pulled and at high tension. People are running all over the place, and guns are going off everywhere. The cops have never trained for this situation. All they know is there is a shooter, or shooters.

Welcome to the world of folks who think that there is no safety in “gun-free zones,” and “good guys with guns will stop. …” You have got to be kidding.

Ken Collins

Oak Creek

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