Ken Collins: A no-brainer |

Ken Collins: A no-brainer

Ordinarily, it is something that's too obvious to argue. In this case, it's the Postal Service. Its argument is to save money and close down the Sundance post office. Then, it decided to leave the 2,600 boxes there but close the retail part, sending several hundred visits downtown. How does that save much money if the lease still is being paid?

The Postal Service says that it can handle the extra traffic with a new parking lot plan. We've all seen that lot on busy afternoons. Not pretty. Add a few hundred more cars, and it gets even uglier. Has the Postal Service even considered all the South Routt residents who come to town and use Sundance but aren't included in the 2,600 boxes? Add several more scores of cars to the mix. What will the Third and Oak streets intersection look like when all those cars are trying to exit? A backup on Third Street that will clog the lot exit, which will fill to the point that cars on Lincoln Avenue then will be affected. When Steamboat Springs High School lets out and the post office traffic is heavy in the afternoon, it could be chaos. I've seen every window in use at the downtown branch, and they still can't handle it all. Let's add several hundred more visits and assume it will work out. Again, a no-brainer!

Keep Don and Eva and the Sundance gang where they belong.