Ken Brenner: Thanks |

Ken Brenner: Thanks

— I have just finished one of the most interesting years of my life, because I had a chance to meet more than 10,000 people after knocking on 26,000 doors as part of my campaign for State Senate.

It was a great honor to be the Democratic nominee for Colorado Senate District 8. I want to thank the countless people who supported and assisted my campaign this past year. I made so many great friends and became much more aware of the issues facing our region.

I ran to protect our water supply, promote renewable energy and energy efficiency, and balance the benefits of mineral extraction with strong protections of the public health and environment.

We will continue to see natural gas, uranium and other minerals produced from the rich natural resources in western Colorado. But development cannot compromise our air and water quality, historic agriculture, critical wildlife habitat and landscape that are the cornerstone of the traditional economy.

Denver Water and other Front Range providers will pursue Western Slope water with increasing intensity in the future to feed their growth. The western water supply belongs here in our rivers and streams for recreation, agriculture, industry and domestic needs. Protecting our water quality is just as important as protecting the supply.

The way out of the current economic crisis is to stimulate the new energy economy by investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Tax credits and loans for improvements to homes and businesses will create new jobs, stimulate the development of new technology and save you money. More important is that it also will speed the transition away from our dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil and develop a more sustainable energy future.

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These are important issue that will remain central to the long-term health and viability of western Colorado. I want to encourage you constantly to remind your elected officials that these are priorities that are important.

The reason we live here and want to stay is the quality of life that relies on a healthy environment. It is constantly under threat from outside sources, whether it’s developers in Denver or energy companies from around the country and the world. Our elected representatives at the county courthouses throughout Northwest Colorado and in Denver and Washington, D.C., must do everything possible to be good stewards of the land and natural resources for future generations. They will need your support regularly. Thanks again for helping me champion these issues.

Ken Brenner

Steamboat Springs