Kathy Connell: To the man that says he is “an alpha”

Yesterday, one of the Steamboat Digs Dogs volunteers noted a man at Whistler Park watched his dog poop and did not pick it up. She said to the man, “Would you please pick up your dog’s poop?”

Before she could finish her statement, this man verbally abused the volunteer with the following statements, “I am an alpha, and there is no way in hell that I am going to pick up my dog’s poop … you all are freaks.” When the volunteer started to try to explain why we are doing this, he yelled at her that he did not want any information, that he pays his taxes and that she and everyone else who is in Steamboat Digs Dogs are “freaks.”

So, Mr. Alpha, here is my reply to you. #1. Take a civics lesson and learn that your taxes do not pay for picking up your dog’s excrement. #2. Dog waste contaminates our soils and waterways and responsible dog owners know to pick up after their dog. #3. In order for us to preserve the right to walk our dogs off leash, we need to keep our areas clean and free of dog waste. #4. It is a $100 fine if you are caught allowing your dog to poop and not picking it up.

When you name call volunteers who are not paid to help in this effort to keep our parks and trails clean, I suggest that you look in the mirror for a better definition of what a freak is. Lastly, my wish for you is that you get caught by the dog enforcement people and are fined, and when you go to court to object because you are an “alpha,” that the judge will uphold the fine of $100 but also give you 100 hours of public service in picking up dog poop.

On behalf of all of the responsible dog owners who pick up after their pet and to those citizens and volunteers who help pick up waste left by irresponsible dog owners, thank you.

Kathy Connell

President of Steamboat Digs

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