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Kathy Cain: Photo indeed raw

Kathy Cain

The photograph on the front of Monday’s Steamboat Today of Asher Lesyshen-Kirlan's memorial service was indeed a raw one. The pain and grief jump off the page, but so does the love: Asher's father, Mike, and his friend John, in the midst of their own grief, pulling Oliver and Henry close, knowing they need to be strong for them. Oliver cries for his friend as so many children in this valley have. 

I don't know how those in the photograph feel about it, and certainly if they feel it was an intrusion, I would defer to them. I do know that everyone in this valley is heartsick about this, and the grief is a shared one whether you know the family personally or not.

Lastly, the photographer is a father with young children who has endured a tragic loss in his family this year, as well, so I know this photograph was taken with the greatest respect and empathy. I think it's safe to say there were tears on both sides of his camera that day.

Kathy Cain