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Katherine Cain: An ode to Pine Grove

A thick grove of pines
100 years in the making,
gone in a flash
at a bulldozer’s taking.

“Where will we go?”
said the fox to the deer,
“they’ve taken our home,
we can’t blend in here.”

“It’s a tough one, I know,”
sighed the deer to the fox,
“God’s gift to His creatures
reduced to a box.”

Just then, an owl
appeared above them in flight,
“Wisdom” is coming,
“the relief of our plight.”

“I know of your trouble,
for it’s my trouble too.”
The owl thought for a moment
then said, “here’s what we’ll do.

“We’ll look for the guy
with the boots and the hat,
local, they call him, 
I’m quite sure of that.

“He’s likely to drive what
they all call a truck,
WZ on the back
should bring us good luck.

“We’ll follow him closely,
down the road to his ranch,
and there you’ll find a bed,
and I’ll find a branch.”

Katherine Cain


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