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Katherine George: Vote for full-day kindergarten

As a parent of two primary school children who attended full-day kindergarten in Steamboat Springs and paid for it, I am voting “yes” on Referendum 3C. And here’s why you should as well.

First, let me tell you why I am voting “yes” for full-day kindergarten in Steamboat Springs. Kindergarten benefited my kids immeasurably. My daughter blossomed during kindergarten. She made new and lasting friendships, learned to read, started math, came home and told me the difference between where polar bears and penguins live, explained to me that art is her favorite subject and declared that she would like to be an artist-animal rescuer-scientist (for a 5-year-old, any job is possible).

Most importantly, she learned to love learning.

Her younger brother came to kindergarten fully prepared with advice from his big sister on building friendships, navigating the playground and how to find his favorite books in the school library. He decided in kindergarten that he wanted to be an engineer because he liked math and building things. He still wants to be an engineer now.

Kindergarten was an important year of my children’s education. It helped form who they are and who they want to be. It gave them the foundation in reading, math, science, art, Spanish, physical education, music and social skills that will carry them to success in the rest of their lives.

I believe that every child in Steamboat should be given equal opportunity to this education.

Education is an American value. It is part of my values. I don’t believe you can put a price on a 5-year old’s education. But if you could, $25 per year per $500,000 of property value is a pretty fair price in my opinion.

There are lots of other ballot measures out there requesting tax rises, and yes, it all adds up. But of all the places my tax dollars could be spent, I can’t think of a better one.

Here’s the two simple reasons you should vote “yes” for full-day kindergarten on Referendum 3C. Whether you are a parent or not, Steamboat children’s education is important. Really, really important.

These children will be the politicians, doctors, lawyers, business owners and civic leaders that will be running our city, county and country in the future. Let’s set them up for success.

This is a small tax with a huge, measurable benefit. I can’t emphasize enough: this tax is worth it. It goes to our kids to pay for their kindergarten. It is a permanent fix that gives every child equal access to their education. Nothing else. It’s simple, straightforward, honest. It’s our kids’ education. It’s their future. It’s our future. Vote “yes” on Referendum 3C.

Katherine George

Steamboat Springs

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