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Katherine Cain: Outdoor retailers’ stand is ‘obnoxious’

Steamboat Today ran an Associated Press article Friday regarding the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show — the largest in the nation — leaving Utah after 20 years for the state of Colorado starting in 2018.

Organizers of the show were upfront about their reasons for the change. They said that Utah was not progressive enough, and they took issue with some of the governor’s decisions regarding public lands.

Fair enough. Standing up for beliefs is the American way, but how genuine is their stance. Since Utah has been deemed unworthy in their eyes, will they be advocating that retailers pull their merchandise from that state and that people refrain from hiking, biking, skiing and river rafting in Utah?

Not likely; not as long as there is merchandise to be sold and good snow for skiing. And let’s face it; it’s kind of hard to turn your river raft around so that you don’t end up in Utah.

It’s easy to take a moral stand when it doesn’t cost you anything. I find it obnoxious.

Katherine Cain


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