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Justin Kaliszewsk: My time in the “Boat”

Justin Kaliszewsk

— I made a big mistake in Steamboat Springs last weekend …

I don’t mean overeating at the Creekside Cafe or overindulging at Strawberry Park — which, to be true, I did do (at least three times each).

I didn’t get too close to the bears at Mad Creek or the cougars at the Double D.

Okay, I might’ve overdone it a bit at the Gondola happy hour, but the site of the sunset alone is enough to make you tipsy.

And, to be fair, I must’ve done a few things right — I said as much to my ol’ man KenK as we took in the scene from our balcony at the Grand.

“We’re doin’ somethin’ right, huh?" I asked.

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“Sure are," he replied.

We clinked our cans.

From the Movement Fest to all of the amazing people I met, my time in the Boat left me feeling — full.

In my experience, our offering of service is most sustainable when it starts within. If our wells aren’t full, how can we possibly effectively fill the cups of others?

More times than I can count and in so many wonderful ways, my time in Steamboat invited me to slow down, look around and draw in deep, nourishing, peaceful gulps from the source itself, so much so that my well feels overflowing; my spirit, glowing.

I can’t thank you enough, Steamboat Springs, and everyone in this wonderful community, for taking the time to connect with me.

Oh, the mistake I made? 

Wading out into the Yampa while Marco DiFerreira played the ukulele on the bank, as the tubers floated drunkenly by, I looked up into the sky and fell in love with this amazing place.

The "Yampa Valley Curse" has taken hold of me.

There’s a blessing embedded in every curse, an opportunity present within any challenge. 

As I willed myself away, I felt my heart torn wide open — the blessing within the Yampa Valley Curse — a lifelong connection to this amazing place and its people.

Every time I come up, it gets harder and harder to leave. One day, I pray, it will become impossible.