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Julie Hagenbuch: Respect your constituents

When calling Senator Gardner regarding healthcare a few days ago, the last thing I expected was a tirade of lies and insults from the staffer. After stating my concern that a tax break for the wealthy takes away funding for health insurance, will raise premiums astronomically for older individuals like myself, I was told that I needed to learn the issues.

I also mentioned I was concerned that only men are working on healthcare. The staff person told me my comments were sexist.

Then I was told Susan Collins and Joni Ernst are working on healthcare. Contacting Ernst's office, I confirmed she is not working on healthcare, and I also confirmed that neither of these women are members of the Senate Healthcare Committee.

The staffer kept talking over me. Aren't they hired to listen to constituents?

Now that we have seen the bill, it's clear this is a massive wealth transfer to the rich.  The bill and the attitude of this staffer, validates and clarifies that Cory Gardner will continue to support the Republican Party over people. He has no interest in listening to his constituents.

Call Gardner's Washington, D.C. office at 202-224-5941, his Denver office at 303-391-5777 or his Grand Junction office at 970-245-9553 and tell him we are watching him and to vote “no” on healthcare.

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Julie Hagenbuch

Steamboat Springs