John Whittum: Towny and McCain |

John Whittum: Towny and McCain

I am amazed by the simplicity of George Noyer’s argument that Towny Anderson has no credibility with the county commissioners. George tells us that, because Towny fought for keeping the Justice Center downtown, he will have no standing among those people who wanted it elsewhere.

But politics makes for strange bedfellows.

Anyone who suggests that people who have had strong differences can’t work together or don’t respect each other should look at the record of Arizona Sen. John McCain and President Bush. McCain lost the Republican Primary in 2000 to Bush after a vehement, dirty campaign. The recent highway/pork-barrel bill was strongly opposed by McCain but supported by the Republican establishment. In between, McCain and Bush have been on the same side on many issues. Do these interim battles mean that McCain is no longer respected by his fellow Republicans? McCain’s vision, courage and independence have made him more influential than Bush’s yes-men. Towny Anderson has those same qualities.

John Whittum

Steamboat Springs