John Spezia: Stop the negativity |

John Spezia: Stop the negativity

The negative letters using selected facts and half-truths to reach pre-determined and inaccurate conclusions about City Council candidates are a disservice to our community. These letters are an insult to the intelligence and integrity of the reader.

The election for City Council positions should focus on our need for a balanced approach to our community. If we focus on just the economy of the community and forget about the preservation of our landscape and the social fabric of our community, the economic engine in this valley will die.

After all, our visitor economy relies primarily on an attractive and healthy environment, and on the local friendly, small-town community that lives here, or used to live here but now commutes.

Of late, there has been a group of people who are spreading fears that if we manage our growth, protect our citizens, provide affordable housing, listen to our community’s concerns, preserve our environment and pay close attention to all the needs of the entire community, then development and the economy will be in ruins.

This is fear-mongering that the community should ignore… it is myth.

If the business people used this kind of logic and relied on fear and scare tactics to make decisions, they would have been out of business long ago. Come on entrepreneurs, use the sense that has kept you in business all these years and not speculation based on myths and fear.

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At this moment in time we need to refocus the City Council to deal with present and future challenges. The past councils and their single-minded economic supporters have left us with a legacy of inaction because of their lack of political will to promote the needs of all sectors of our community.

Vote for the candidates who have a new vision for our community.

Vote for the candidates who see the community as a whole and care about the health, wealth and the well-being of all our citizens, not just the single-minded interests who only benefit a few at the expense of the many.

John Spezia

Steamboat Springs