John F. Russell: Staying busy part of game |

John F. Russell: Staying busy part of game

This has been one of the busiest weeks I can remember.

Between swimming and soccer, the Russell household has seen more than enough exercise to wear out your average 6-year-old — not to mention his parents.

As parents, we don’t play in the games, we don’t have to go to practices, and no one expects us to score goals. But balancing children’s schedules and working can be harder than running a 10K at times.

It means getting all of your work done in time to race across town to make a 4:30 p.m. soccer game.

The past two weeks have been brutal; by the time the 10 p.m. news is over, I’m ready for bed.

This busy summer schedule is something new to me, but this week is typical for many parents in Steamboat Springs. In a short period of time, I’ve learned that there are plenty of soccer games, baseball games and other activities to keep the children in our community happy until the school bell rings in August.

It makes for an entertaining summer if you’re 6 and a marathon summer if you’re 37.

Parents need to find the time to chauffer their children from event-to-event, watch at least a few of the games and manage to hold down paying jobs.

It’s a far cry from the days when I was a child. I played Little League in the summer, but I can’t remember my parents running between a half-dozen events. Maybe I was just too busy to notice.

Most of my days were spent hanging out in the neighborhood with my friends. But these days, children want to do it all, and most parents do what they can to keep up.

I used to swear that I wouldn’t be one of those parents who allowed my children to play every sport and take part in every activity that was offered. But now I live in the real world.

I want my children to make choices, but I also want them to experience as many things as possible.

If that means going to soccer games twice a week or getting up a little earlier in the morning to make sure they make it to swim lessons on time — that’s what I will do.

Luckily, summers in the Yampa Valley are short. I know there will be more than enough time to recover in a few weeks when all the summer activity gives way to the cooler, slower days of fall.

By the time winter ice skating, skiing and sledding returns most parents will have had plenty of time to rest up and recover from a summer of jumping from one event to another.

Until then, I hope that parents will head to the baseball fields, soccer fields and swimming pool to enjoy a few hours of cheering for their children.

Because just like summer, childhood vanishes sooner than most of us would like.

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