John Brockman: Time for change |

John Brockman: Time for change

I have lived in Steamboat Springs for 25 years and used to think the City Council was for the people. Now, I see the Chamber Resort Association dominates City Council.

The chamber is circulating a flier asking people to vote for their “buddies” like Romberg, Antonucci, Kramer, and Kaminski. That’s OK, but is that how the average, working person in Steamboat wants to see the future of their town? They are accusing the other candidates of wanting to “return to the good old days of empty streets and stores,” but that is unfair.

I urge all voters to study the true backgrounds and qualifications so we can make some smart — not money-driven — decisions for the future of Steamboat Springs. If you have been here for the 25 years I have, we have seen a lot of changes and not all for the best. It is time for a change to stop out of control growth.

John Brockman

Steamboat Springs