John Bristol: 2A is economic development |

John Bristol: 2A is economic development

The goal of economic development is to foster a diverse economy that supports the economic well-being and quality of life of a community. This is achieved by targeting the retention and expansion of primary jobs, which is a type of job that brings outside dollars into our local economy versus a secondary job, which only serves the local population's needs.

Primary jobs and primary businesses are unique because they are the pipeline that bring outside dollars into our local economy to then circulate here.

For example, a visitor from Chicago spends $1,345 in our community. That $1,345 is an additional $1,345 that circulates in our local economy. The money is spent at a hotel and restaurants, it's paid out as wages, it's deposited in our banks, it's loaned to first-time homebuyers or an expanding business, and so it goes, until one of us breaks the cycle and purchases goods or services outside of our community.

You can see how maintaining this flow of new dollars into our economy then supports the stability of all jobs, such as those at the hospital, local banks, the hardware store, teachers and others that largely serve our local needs.

With that in mind I've taken a hard look at Referendum 2A, the ballot initiative to support air service into Yampa Valley Regional Airport. It clearly supports the retention and expansion of jobs and inflow of new dollars into our local economy. And that's why I'm encouraging voters to give 2A full consideration.

Let's pass 2A to maintain current air service and leverage it to further diversify our economy across industry sectors so that our local businesses and location-neutral workers can connect to the global economy.

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John Bristol

Steamboat Springs Chamber economic development director

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